You are invited to join us for Mass

Easing of COVID19 Restrictions

We would like to share information about the easing of COVID19 Restrictions and invite you to join us for Daily Rosary, Daily Mass, Sunday Mass, and other opportunities for worship.

Please note the following changes:

  • Beginning on March 26, face masks will be optional indoors, including in the church during Mass.
  • Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass and to the Homebound/Hospitalized will continue to wear a face mask for the distribution of the sacrament and Communion will still be given in the hand.
  • The sign of peace will continue to be exchanged without physical contact unless it is among members of the same household.
  • Food and beverages may be served at gatherings, but if it buffet style, it should be served to guests by designated individuals. Pre-packaged food (e.g. bentos) is preferable.

We should remember that people have different comfort levels about resuming more of our normal activities after 2 years of the pandemic so charity toward others should be practiced at all times. Those who desire to continue wearing a face mask, especially the elderly, those with fragile health, and the unvaccinated, may feel free to do so.



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